How Full Depth Reclamation Changes the Way Asphalt Roads Are Repaired

Keeping paved roads in working condition is a full-time job. Often, cities will make a plan to repair the worst roads in the area just to start the cycle again once all of the roads have been completed. This is because rather than getting to the root of the issue-the base of the road itself-they are simply covering up a weak foundation with another layer of asphalt. Full depth reclamation is a different option that is changing the way asphalt roads are repaired. This method is significantly faster, more cost effective, and longer lasting than full road rehabilitation.Click to know more about how asphlat mixing plant works.

Asphalt making machine in Aimix Machinery Company


A general rehabilitation of a road involves completely breaking up and taking out all of the original asphalt in the area. It is a time consuming and laborious project. Often, it takes about a week to complete depending on the size of the road, quality of the tools and amount of people working on the project. After the asphalt is torn up, it is replaced with completely new asphalt, meaning all the original material gets placed in a landfill. It then gets smoothed down and a new road is created.

Full depth reclamation on the other hand uses a machine that tills the current asphalt and foundation mixing it together and creating an entirely new foundation. This means that instead of having to create an entirely new road out of new materials, the original material can be recycled. The process is quick, often taking only a day to complete. That is an average of six days per road saved, making this a significantly faster option that traditional methods.

Cost Effective

On average, asphalt reclamation is 70% cheaper than rehabilitation. Quicker projects mean fewer employees to do the repair, and that leads to less money coming out of pay role. Because this method uses 100% recycled materials, there is no extra money spent do to the repair itself. For a fraction of the price you are getting more for your money.


Because reclamation digs up both the base of the road as well as the surface, it creates an entirely new foundation that will last much longer than a simple resurfacing. It can even last longer than a rehabilitation job because the process of digging up the surface allows the foundation to be re-compacted, making it less likely to break away at the surface.

Reclamation is change for the better in the repair of asphalt roads because of the speed, cost effectiveness and longevity of the project.

Aimix Machinery Company is a professional manufacturer of asphalt mixing machines. The Asphalt machines create efficiencies and help cities save money by reclaiming asphalt, rather than tearing it out and hauling it away. You can learn more about full depth asphalt reclamation by visiting their website:


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