Types of Cement Silos and Their Role

Cement silos are used for industrial level storage of cement for concrete mixing and can be found at both concrete production depots or at building sites. Static silos are normally found at depots producing concrete using the traditional dry mix batching which is mixed in transit to site. Although wet mix batch depots may also feature large static silos these are becoming less common with the computerisation of batch plants which allows for mixing to be done before transportation. As cement is vulnerable to moisture in the air efficient storage of cement whether at a depot or on a building site is essential to avoid wastage.Click www.aimixconcretemachines.com to find more information about cement silos.

Cement Silos

Mobile cement silos

Cement silos also come in mobile form to allow concrete to be mixed as required on site. There are a range of different capacity mobile concrete silos These are generally useful on medium to large sites where production onsite is preferable to transportation of wet mix concrete from a depot. This is usually the case when the distance from site to depot is considerable or large amounts of concrete are required throughout the day. In the latter case site based production of concrete can considerably reduce transport overheads for both supplier and construction company.

The types of cement silo

There are two common types of cement silo found in commercial use, these are upright or low level silos. The low level silo is transported on the back of a truck and placed on site in the required location. Modern systems generally range from 10-75 ton capacity and feature fully electronic weighing systems which include display and print facilities allowing for accurate stock control and billing. Upright mobile silos are a familiar site, similar to the standard fixed silo seen in concrete depots. These come in a variety of capacities between 20 and 80 tons, generally simpler and more low-tech these silos can be an efficient storage system. Additional features can usually be added to upright silos, including electronic weighing systems.

Flexibility and costs

For concrete producers who have a range of clients or would like to expand their range to include medium to large construction sites, finding a deal on concrete silos is relatively straightforward. For one off jobs that require a silo, the simplest option is to hire equipment. Where flexibility to use silos on a regular basis is required purchase from reputable used dealers or hire firms can be a cost effective solution. In general used equipment from concrete equipment lease companies will be in good condition and in some cases will come with 12 months guarantee. Concrete machinery that has been used previously is most likely to have been well looked after by these companies which gives peace of mind to those who prefer to buy used equipment.

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