Cement Mixer

The cement mixer, known otherwise as the concrete mixer, is a construction device used to mix aggregates into a homogenous substance called concrete. To form concrete, building materials like cement, water, and some other aggregates are needed to form it. Different combinations of building materials are needed for a particular type of concrete, which is best suited for a particular structure.More classifications about cement mixers on http://www.Aimixconcretebatchingplant.com.

JS500 Concrete mixer

There are two main types of cement mixers, which is based on their mobility. The first type is the mobile mixer and the next one is the stationary mixer. Each of these types is favorable for a specific type of concrete and building plan. The mobile mixer can be moved from one location to another. This is the typical cement mixer truck you see during a road construction. With this type of cement mixer, you can evenly place equal amounts of concrete on each part of the building plan. Road construction projects typically need this type of mixer because it is more convenient. The next type is the stationary mixer, which is more favored for the massive amounts of concrete it can produce per batch and the little amount attention needed for maintenance. Furthermore, there are types of stationary mixers and the most common are the drum mixers, the vertical axis mixers, and the twin-shaft mixers. Each of these types produces varieties of concrete which is advantageous for a certain building project.

The mixer has a drum that rotates, sometimes has a chute, and a motor to make the rotation possible. Each of those aforementioned types of mixers have a slight modification in its parts that makes it either produce batches of concrete faster or finer mixtures of concrete. The building project will be the main decider on what type of mixer you are going to use to have the right concrete. If the project is inside your house, like to pathway towards the main door, you can use a small mixer that you easily drag around the working site where the concrete is to be poured. Bigger building projects that need to be finished quickly will need the bigger mixers, like the mixer trucks, since this type is capable of mass production and it can be driven to any parts within the building area. If you plan to buy your own mixer, ask the manufacturer about the particulars of the product. You have to inquire for things like what type of materials it can work with and what quality of concrete is to be expected from the mixer.

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